the art of  INJA CHO
[Cold + Hot]: Blessings[Cold + Hot]: Blessings: 
Detailed View 1[Cold + Hot]: Blessings
Detailed View 2[Cold + Hot] #7[Cold + Hot] #12[Cold + Hot]: Kiss of Fire[Cold + Hot]: Kiss of Fire
Detailed View 1[Cold + Hot]: Kiss of Fire
Detailed View 2Dress? or No Dress?Dress? or No Dress?: Detailed ViewLegless Electric ChairLegless Electric Chair: Detailed View[Cold + Hot] #8[Cold + Hot]: Overflow[Cold + Hot]: God's Lamp[Cold + Hot]: Queen of Heart[Cold + Hot]: Ice on Fire[Cold + Hot]: #15[Cold + Hot]: #16[Cold + Hot]: #17One fine day in October #1One fine day in October #2One fine day in October #3[Cold + Hot]#18City of God's Delight #1City of God's Delight #2
*[Cold + Hot]* series
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A goal of my artwork is to find a true, meaningful way of depicting the sensations I feel daily, both emotional and physical…sometimes I am standing in the burning embers of a fire and other times I am sitting on a block of ice. Often it’s a combination of both. As I am living with the impossible mixture of the two elements, I have tried to capture this reality and some of the feelings that result in my paintings.

My recent work is a series [Cold+Hot], which is the result of repetitive actions that become meditative exercises in consciously arranging forms, lines, and colors into compositions. These paintings are the result of a long and difficult process of dealing with the burning pain and often must be produced using stiff fingers and hands, where at times the lightest weights of a brush become too heavy to hold. The small forms invented in my drawings during my meditative exercises evolve into drafts of future products. I invent these forms by expressing current feelings of my body--sometimes sharp, sometimes hot—and developing forms appropriated from body sensation. Mechanical forms also occasionally creep into the compositions as representations of my loss of feeling.

As a person with high spirit and very positive views about life, I choose to accept the pain as a blessing. I decided to paint again to reflect my feelings of fear, gratitude, and hope. I fear that I could lose body functions again. I feel enormously grateful for the recovery despite the pain. And fortunately, hope is a natural gift in order to survive, and I have it in abundance.